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Democracy thrives when people participate in public processes.  We’re here to help that happen.  Below you will find links that allow you to quickly contribute your voice to important and timely projects.  It takes just a few minutes, but makes a world of difference.  Speak up, speak out, speak now.

NEW Opportunity!
Comment to end leasing in Greater Chaco.

NEW - Protect Chaco!

Public comment to BLM reopened until Dec 20th. Tell BLM: It's time to stop leasing to oil and gas.

Tell your representatives to
Defend Wolf Creek

Defend Wolf Creek!

Wolf Creek Pass deserves to be protected against development. Sign this letter asking our politicians to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Write an effective action letter

Be as clear, factual and personal as possible. Point out how you and your home region would be affected by the proposal. Declare your position towards the beginning and restate it at the end. Nearly all of our actions allow you to edit the subject line and message that is being sent to decisionmakers; we encourage you to customize the letter to your own viewpoint and personal experiences.

Who are my representatives?

To find out who represents you in Congress, go to the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives websites.

You can find state level data for here for Colorado and New Mexico.  For other states check out the the Open States Project.  Local information can be found here.

What else can I do?

Try writing a letter to the editor of your local paper. The editorial page is one of the most important sections of any newspaper. More people read the “Letters to the Editor” section than many other portions of the newspaper. This is an ideal forum for conveying your message about environmental and public health issues.

Editors of these newspapers wish to publish criticism, praise or feedback to the stories and columns that have recently appeared. Editors are also looking for ideas and facts. By providing your editor with information on your issues, you are helping them to do their jobs. Keep in mind that editors are not required to print your letter, but usually they feel responsible for equitably and accurately depicting all sides of an issue.