Dolores River Coalition

Who We Are

The Dolores River Coalition joins together local, state and national conservation, recreation, fishing, and outfitter organizations who are working to protect the natural attributes of the Dolores River watershed for the long term benefit of local communities and visitors. The Coalition is led by the San Juan Citizens Alliance and is headquartered in Cortez, Colorado.

The Coalition’s goals are:

  • To advocate for balanced resource management for the full spectrum of human uses and for the protection of ecosystems;
  • To protect natural landscapes throughout the river corridor;
  • To improve management of base flows and spring releases in the lower Dolores River for the benefit of native species and recreational opportunities;
  • To support sustainable and diverse economies around agriculture, angling, and recreation.

What we are doing
Since 2004, the Dolores River Coalition has actively participated in the Dolores River Dialogue with irrigators, land managers, water regulators, and wildlife officials in searching for ways to improve management of the river for the benefit of all users. We have also been closely engaged in the collaborative processes that have resulted from the Dolores River Dialogue efforts (see Dolores Landscape Protection and Dolores River Ecology).

Additionally, the Dolores River Coalition engages individuals and organizations in long-range plans about the future of public lands throughout the Dolores River Basin. We advocate for protection of water quality, wilderness values, recreation and wildlife in response to resource management plans and natural resource and energy development proposals throughout the Dolores River watershed.







  Dolores River Canyon Wilderness Study Area (WSA)


The next few years will see major decisions with far-reaching consequences for the communities and resources of the Dolores River Basin. Federal land agencies are revising land use plans for the next 20 years. Industry is exploring public and private lands for oil, gas, uranium and other energy minerals. Ongoing drought creates growing concerns for the river’s ecology and the allocation of valuable water. Recreational uses are increasing in volume and type as new developments and activities arise. The Dolores River Coalition is deeply vested in the future of the Dolores River basin, and is addressing these changes.

We invite your help

Please join us in protecting the lands, river and communities of the Dolores River Basin. Please contact the Dolores River Coalition at the Cortez office of San Juan Citizens Alliance to discuss the many ways you can help • P.O. Box 1513, Cortez, CO 81321 • (970) 565-7191 • e-mail.

Download a PDF of the Dolores River Watershed map

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