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Now that We Reconnected, What Next?

Continued monitoring of river ecosystem health is key to fully understanding the effects of the Gold King Mine accident

  • Continued monitoring of the Animas River will be needed as sediments deposited by the spill will both leach while in-situ and will be disturbed and re-deposited during higher flow events. Such activity will likely cause a short term decrease in water quality
  • Specific monitoring will be needed relative to the health of aquatic species.
  • According to a variety of indicators the EPA did not have sufficient protocols in place prior to beginning their exploratory work on the Gold King mining entrance including a emergency communication protocol. Hopefully the EPA will learn from their errors as they move forward with their mine remediation efforts.
  • Numerous tools and governmental agencies are available to move forward the mine remediation effort. The challenge ahead will be utilizing the voices of citizens in the Animas/San Juan watershed to insist the financial and organizational resources are specifically focused on the remediation effort soon.  The work-on-the-ground will take decades, but we can no longer wait to address these concerns in a more deliberate and widerange effort than we have seen to this date.


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