Membership in the San Juan Citizens Alliance

It’s the passion, care and involvement of our members
that brings it all together.

You Are Needed

It’s simple: the strength of the San Juan Citizens Alliance comes from our members. More members means more neighbors getting educated on the issues, more people making their voices heard, more political clout. More members also means more financial resources to recreate a healthy and sustainable environment in the San Juan Watershed.

What’s In It For You?

There’s something powerful about giving to a cause you believe in. It feels good to know your time and money are going to fight the good fight. If that isn’t quite enough enticement, consider these additional benefits of Alliance membership:

number41 (2)Invitations to members-only campaign briefings

Ever want to know what happens behind the scenes in the fight over Wolf Creek? Or how congressional protections for Hermosa Creek really came to pass? Campaign briefings give you a behind-the-scences look at advocacy efforts on the topics you most care about.

number40Eligibility for Task Force participation

For many years the Alliance had Member Task Forces – formal groups of active members that wanted to get extra-educated and uber-involved on particular campaigns. In 2016 the Alliance is relaunching Member Task Forces. Active membership is required to take your advocacy to the next level.

number37SJCA Annual Member Dinner and Year-In-Review

Everyone needs to hit the pause button from time to time. We need a chance to celebrate successes, learn from failures, and enjoy the company of kindred souls. SJCA’s Annual Member Dinner creates that space for hard-core and arm-chair advocates alike. Come laugh, cry, and scheme for the coming year with us.

number38A Vote

Fan of democracy? We are too. SJCA is a membership organization, meaning that the members elect the Board of Directors. Become a member, get a vote.

number39Stuff (A.K.A. SJCA SWAG)

OK, enviro crusaders aren’t usually swayed by offers of plastic crap (that’s a good thing), but that doesn’t mean a Wolf Creek sticker can’t be appreciated.

SJCA Letters-Color

How Do I Sign Up?

With an annual donation of $35 or more you can become a member of San Juan Citizens Alliance. Click here to join.