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It’s the passion, care, and involvement of our members that brings it all together. Photo: Jack Brauer


What’s In It For You?

There’s something powerful about giving to a cause you believe in. It feels good to know your time and money are going to fight the good fight. If that isn’t quite enough enticement, consider these additional benefits of Alliance membership:

number41 (2)Increase our Effectiveness

Dues-paying members like you amplify the impact of our work. Demonstrating widespread support for our work, solid and growing membership numbers garner greater public attention for our campaigns and allow us to leverage that support for additional funding through grants and foundations. When in a legal battle, our membership give us standing and credibility in court. We can simply do more with more of you behind us.

number40Eligibility for Task Force participation

For many years the Alliance had Member Task Forces – formal groups of active members that wanted to get extra-educated and uber-involved on particular campaigns. We’re relaunching Member Task Forces. As an active member, you can take your advocacy to the next level.

number37Major Donor In-Depth Briefings

Ever want to know what happens behind the scenes in the fight over Wolf Creek? Or how congressional protections for Hermosa Creek really came to pass? As a major donor of $1000 per year or more, we’ll give you an annual behind-the-scenes look at the advocacy efforts you care most about.

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