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“A lot of things are changing.”

“There used to be lots of arrowheads, behind the stores right here. We would find them and run them to the store and the lady would give us a dollar for it. Sodas were 5 cents then, we bought all kinds of goodies. There were no oil fields, no fracking of any kind. [We had] really good, pure, air. You didn’t get sick.”

“When I was growing up [my mom] said: ‘Nobody taught me how to [weave]. You’re supposed to learn on your own.’ So I just kind of watched her and I picked it up.”

“People weren’t sick like nowadays. I think what’s going on is causing all the sicknesses. In those days there weren’t hospitals. Our elderlies, they knew a lot of medicines from plants, but I don’t know if you can even use plants now or if they’re all contaminated. Sage brush is good for your cold. Terrible, awful taste, bitter, bitter – but it worked!”

There was nothing like [fracking]. I think that’s why people had good lives, they didn’t get sick all the time. There was clean air… There was no machinery of any kind raising dusts with everything in it. I think that’s why people are so sick now… There’s a lot of sickness, there’s a lot of cancer too. We never had cancer before, when we were growing up, we didn’t know what it was, we didn’t know where it came from. I guess it’s coming from what’s going on and what’s being taken out of the earth.”

“I wish they would just go away.”

“I know they probably have a lot of back up. Those companies are hard to fight to get them away. The best you can do is try to live with it. They have no respect for the people. They just want what is under the ground. That’s all anybody cares for anymore, is what they can get out of the ground.”

“A lot of things are changing. We have a lot of snakes now. With all the fracking that is going on under the ground things are coming up that are not supposed to be out.

“I wonder what it’s going to be like for [my grandkids]… all anybody wants is to live in peace, they don’t want anything done to their land. They say that was our land, but not anymore. I don’t think we have land anymore. It’s all theirs. [The companies] can do whatever they want to it and just throw a whole bunch of money to people.”

“This is a good place to live, even with what’s going on, I don’t think I want to go anywhere else.”

Will you add your voice?

Demand cancellation of the March 2018 oil and gas lease sale, and all future sales, in Greater Chaco until proper protections for the people, environment, and cultural resources are put in place.

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