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This blog series covers the monthly La Plata Electric Association (LPEA)* Board of Directors meetings. We’re tracking the board for transparency and accountability, as well as to stay current on their renewable energy initiatives. Find past and future spotlights here.

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Today, LPEA approved the continuation of a subcommittee to review LPEA’s long-term energy supply options. The unanimous vote came after hours of public comment and board discussion.

Most concerns addressed the expected level of staff involvement, the timeframe reviewed, and the use of existing data. These issues were resolved through respectful and considerate debate.

We’re excited to see the subcommittee moving forward and hope it operates with transparency, objectivity, and open-mindedness, as we outlined in last month’s Spotlight, “Why does LPEA need a long-term strategy review?

The board approved the following Vision and Mission statements from the sub-committee:

This committee will produce a report that will examine LPEA’s financial and operational future based on several possible energy supply and distribution scenarios.

To identify several possible energy scenarios and emerging trends that LPEA could pursue over the next 15 years.  To provide organized prediction methodologies to illustrate how LPEA’s financial and operational future might look under each of them.

The board also moved:

Move to approve continuation of the Long-Term Strategies Committee, consistent with the Statement of Functions, and approve the Task List that the Long-Term Strategies Committee has developed with the provision that any information staff has already developed related to the Task List be provided to the Committee and be incorporated into any final report; finally any additional tasks for the staff be approved by the CEO and staff work with the Committee to refine the Task List.

Of course, the future of this subcommittee is not set in stone. As was pointed out in the meeting, in any future meeting the board can vote to disband the review committee.

We must remain vigilant and continue to voice our support and expectations for the subcommittee. But today our Directors showed a high level of integrity in their ability to listen, debate, and come to a mutual agreement. We hope they can continue to do so.

We’ll stay involved, follow the subcommittee, and keep you updated on its progress.

Thank your LPEA Directors!

Tell them you’re excited for this subcommittee and glad they’re looking to the future. Also explain that you expect their review of our energy supply options to be transparent, objective, and open-minded.

(Hover over your neighborhood for contact information!)

* La Plata Electric Association (LPEA) is a member-owned rural electric cooperative that distributes power to La Plata County, Archuleta County, and parts of Hinsdale and Mineral counties in Southwest Colorado. LPEA buys 95% of its power from Tri-State Generation and Transmission (see below).

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