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It’s election time! No, not that one. There’s one here locally from which the presidential race could learn some lessons. Imagine if the national election were more like that of our local La Plata Electric Association (LPEA) Board of Directors: 2 months of campaigning, opportunities for voters to meet all of the candidates and all eligible voters get mail-in ballots. And your vote can makes a real difference in your local community.

Your ballot for this upcoming LPEA election should be arriving in your mailbox this week and voting is the biggest impact you’ll have on local energy issues all year. Chris Calwell, a local energy efficiency expert and entrepreneur, wrote a fantastic opinion piece about it in the Herald earlier this month and he gave us permission to re-print it here.

Please, give it a read, send it to friends and neighbors, then vote for the candidates that support a strong local energy future that protects our climate as well as our wallets.

Momentum for change:

Embrace the dynamism of the evolving electricity business

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