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Remote Testimony for the 2021 New Mexico Legislative Session

Because of the pandemic, things are looking a little different this year at the New Mexico State Legislature. The entire 2021 New Mexico Legislative Session (60-day session from January 20-March 2oth) is remote this year.

Remote participation means that you can testify wherever you live in the state, and this year it’s more important than ever that your voice is heard. There are a few important bills on deck for 2021’s Legislative Session that need your support in order to pass! Each week, we’ll provide both the details on the bills that we’re endorsing and the signup links to testify. For any questions on SJCA support and/or details of the bills, call Mike Eisenfeld at 505-360-8994 or email

Each week, the Senate Committee meets according to this calendar,  and there is an opportunity for public comment by signing up by 3pm the day prior. On the House side, to participate in public comment you simply raise your hand in the House Zoom meeting to speak.

Working Example:

This week, there are three bills being heard in committee at the New Mexico Legislative Session that SJCA endorses, in partnership with other organizations who provide a leadership role at the New Mexico Legislature:

  1. SB 8 – would allow for stronger environmental protections than the Federal Government allows. In Senate Conservation Tuesday, January 26
    1. Since this bill is in the Senate, to testify you would have to sign up the day before by 3pm.
    2. To help with your testimony, we’ve provided talking points for SB8
  2. HB 50 – would create private right of action to enforce environmental statues. In House Energy and Natural Resources Tuesday, January 26th
    1. Since this bill is in the House, to testify you would join the House Zoom meeting and raise your hand.
    2. Talking points for HB 50
  3. Sb 86– “Produced Water” related amendments. In Senate Conservation Thursday, January 28th
    1. Since this bill is in the Senate, to testify you would have to sign up the day before by 3pm.
    2. Talking points for Sb 86

Looking Ahead

For the remainder of this Legislative Session, we will be sending out information similar to the working example above. We’ll let you know what bills we’re endorsing, give you talking points, and equip you with the right links for public testimony. As the Session progresses, we’ll keep an eye out for opportunities for written comments as well so be sure to check your email and our social media accounts for ways you can get involved!

Participating in public comment is an easy way for your voice to be heard to make sure New Mexico passes bills that are good for our environment, our health, and our communities. We encourage anyone who can participate to sign up for public testimony. 

2021 New Mexico Legislative Session Links

We’ll send these links out every time there’s an important bill on deck, but they’re good to have handy:

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