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Today the Hermosa Creek Watershed Protection Act leaped across the proverbial last stream crossing on the journey to President Obama’s desk for his signature as the Senate passed the Defense Authorization Act, to which the Hermosa bill was attached, by a 89 to 11 vote. And rest assured, the President will sign the measure very soon.

Seasonally speaking, for the Hermosa Creek watershed and ALL of the community members who worked (and waited) for years to see the legislation come to fruition, it’s like finding the super-best-most-wonderful-sweet present under the family holiday tree. You knew it might be there, but you weren’t sure until NOW. WOW!

Congratulations and sincere gratitude goes out to the hundreds of citizens, business owners, elected officials, organization members, letter writers, meeting attendees, legislation writers, citizen lobbyists and everyone else that convened, compromised and coalesced to make this possible: A HUGE THANKS TO ALL INVOLVED – A JOB EXCEEDINGLY WELL DONE!! It’s a realistic reminder that many of the best things in life “ain’t easy.”

Certainly the foremost gain today is for “the Hermosa,” that endearing 170 square miles in our backyard that nurtures and sustains many aspects of our community – now it enjoys even stronger and more durable protections. It’s also true that our community has gained – we now have a living and local example that diverse elements of our region can sit down at the same table, listen to each other, work hard, and create something to benefit and sustain our community. As a community we deserve to be proud and contented with our accomplishment – whether it’s a hot cocoa or a local brew, lift it high today!

 And just a reminder, there are a couple of other presents under the Hermosa Creek Act tree! Perhaps mostly notably are the mineral withdrawals for Animas Mountain, Perins Peak, Horse Gulch and the Lake (reservoir) Nighthorse area. This section of the Act translates into a future of quiet, fresh air and scenic views for the human visitors along with the wildlife residents of these lands nearby to Durango.


Read our Hermosa Press Release and my previous blog on the Hermosa bill.


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  • Please count my one small voice in support of the Hermosa Creek Watershed Protection Act. At the same time, let me shout in opposition to allowing mountain bikes in designated Wilderness Areas.
    Thanks and hearty cheers, john kessell

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