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A water user says #NoPillage

By February 3, 2016No Comments

“Where is that balance between economic development and sustainability, and preservation of the ecosystem?”

For three decades we have fought to protect Wolf Creek Pass from Texas-billionaire Red McCombs’ “Village at Wolf Creek” development. Wolf Creek Pass is a remote landscape in southwest Colorado that is home to a diversity of wildlife, rare wetlands, treasured backcountry, and the relatively undeveloped Wolf Creek Ski Area.

Development on Wolf Creek Pass would economically benefit a few individuals, but the local environment and community would suffer. In this interview Michael Armenta, a seventh generation Hispanic in the San Luis Valley and Project Coordinator with Conejos County Clean Water, discusses the importance of balance between economic development and environmental preservation.

Use the links below to read more, watch the full “No Pillage at Wolf Creek” video, and take action in many different ways to help protect this invaluable and treasured place.

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