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We’re about to finally discover what the Forest Service has been hiding for over a year and a half.


Ever had the desire to read through and analyze 69,701 pages of correspondences and reports? No? That’s okay, we’re doing it for you.

The link below leads to a public DropBox folder, which we’re calling the “Wolf Creek Files.” The folder contains documents the Forest Service was forced to release for our legal case against their approval of a land exchange on top of Wolf Creek Pass. The exchange would pave the way for development of Red McCombs’ controversial 8,000-person resort (Learn More).

The Forest Service’s approval was made with serious disregard for public transparency. As such, we’ve made a commitment to be as transparent with the public as possible.

Currently, the Wolf Creek Files contains the case Administrative Record, a record of the entirety of the Forest Service’s decision-making process: tens of thousands of pages of emails, documents, reports – you name it. When the Forest Service finally complies with our Freedom of Information Act requests we will upload those documents as well.

There are more documents in this folder than anyone could ever read (or want to). That’s why we’re sifting through it for you. Our attorneys and staff are working tirelessly to analyze the files to build our case for the spring – so you don’t have to.

Still, we encourage you to browse through, and get a feel for, what protecting Wolf Creek Pass requires. If you find anything interesting, compelling, or galling please be sure to let us know.

In December (once we’ve had a chance to tackle the monster) we will begin releasing excerpts on social media that are particularly inappropriate or infuriating.

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In case you missed it: Last spring the Forest Service approved a land exchange on top of Wolf Creek Pass that paves the way for Red McCombs’ controversial “Village at Wolf Creek” development. We sued them for it because the environmental assessment it was based on was grossly inadequate.

Learn more, and take action.

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  • Linda E. Daniel says:

    love reading Mr. Olson’s editorials. Last week about oil drilling, this week about Wolf Creek.I am not in the position to donate money but have lots of time. Please keep me informed via email for notification of meetings, addresses to write to, signatures for political action, etc.

    Linda E. Daniel

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