Video debut! – No Pillage at Wolf Creek

By December 10, 2015 Lands Protection, Wolf Creek

Video debut! We’re proud to reveal our new 3 minute video on our 30-year fight to protect Wolf Creek Pass from a massive development! The fight isn’t over, but we need your help. Watch, act, share.

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Produced by: Alex Pullen

Music: “Engineered to Perfection” by Peter Nickels, Shutterstock


  • Nora Olson says:

    Impressive video
    Believe it will be effective tool for fund raising
    All the best!

  • William LeMaire says:

    The drive for exploitation of our natural world is unrelenting and victory is never assured. As this short film relates, even apparent victories can disappear overnight in smoke-filled rooms. That’s why we need to consistently and generously support the organizations seeking to protect Wolf Creek, one of southern Colorado’s premier wilderness habitats.

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