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Say NO to Uranium Exploration or Mining in Slick Rock Canyon

Sign this petition to oppose exploratory drilling and uranium mining in Slick Rock Canyon.

Why we oppose this:

  • Uranium possesses both chemical toxicity and radioactivity. The effects of low-level radioactivity include cancer, shortening of life, subtle changes in fertility or viability of offspring for decades or generations. Four Corners is still a cancer cluster from 1940’s uranium mining.

  • All phases of uranium development- exploration, mining, and milling- can pose unique threats to species, ecosystems, and human communities.

  • Dolores River Canyon is a special place for recreation- allowing exploratory drilling or mining increases exposure of water to potential contamination. All mining activities require thousands of gallons of water, which is wasteful considering our 22+ year drought.

  • According to a recent news release, Anfield Energy plans to reactivate its newly licensed Shooterang Mill in Garfield County, Utah to handle the uranium ore. White Mesa Ute Mountain Ute People have been protesting another uranium mill, White Mesa Mill, for years because of the air and water pollution, land health, and human health effects.

  • Don’t let Disappointment Valley and the Dolores River watershed turn into another Uravan Superfund site.


Contact Public Lands Program Manager John Rader at