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Photo: Rob Zeigler

There have been a lot of tears in the office lately. And it’s not because the Animas is running the color of charcoal, massacring our already vulnerable native fish populations. And it’s not because a billionaire developer continues to pull political strings to skirt public review and legal decisions in order to build a massive development amidst a critical wildlife corridor. (Admittedly, neither of those things have helped the situation.)

As many of you know, we are a small tight-knit staff. We work together closely, enduring setbacks and celebrating triumphs, cheering each other on and picking each other up. So, when Emily let us know she was moving to Carbondale, we felt like we were losing a part of our family. We are. And, well, the tears started flowing.

As many of you know, Emily is a force. Talented beyond her years, she is smart, quick, and kind. Her figure-it-out attitude makes her an asset to any team. We were lucky to have her and so were you. Although we are incredibly sad that she won’t brighten our office and spirits each day, we’re proud to know she’ll continue being a force for good in Colorado and beyond. She’ll be continuing her work to educate rural electric cooperative memberships in the state and inspire them to engage in the energy industry’s transition to less expensive, cleaner power. And we suspect that’s only the beginning.

In the meantime, Emily will continue working for us remotely over the next couple of months, finishing up projects and helping us train her successor.

While change can be hard, it is also essential. So, we are ready to bring in a new, sharp, passionate campaign organizer to continue Emily’s work and take it to the next level. Does the thought of being part of our team get your heart beating a little faster? Maybe it’s you! Does someone you know and admire come immediately to mind? Please, urge them to apply.


See the Job Description for the
Energy and Climate Campaign Organizer

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  • Bye, Emily!

    It was great knowing you and benefiting from all your hard work (esp. those rocking animated videos!). Good luck and many blessings as you go forward.



    Who first lifted up their head in wonder and said, “Look at the stars!”?

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