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We made a video about who we are and what we do!

A big thanks to Sean Owen of No Special Abilities Productions for making this happen.


Of course, it’s impossible to get everything we do into a short video, so we’re hoping to do more videos on different campaigns we work on or to provide updates. Please reach out if you have any interest in helping us do that. We’re a little outside our skill set here, but willing to learn!


  • maggie bowes says:

    BRAVO you guys!!! Love the work that you are doing.

    Maggie bowes

  • John says:

    Love your work, please highlight some of your great female staff in your videos.

    • Erika Brown says:

      Thanks John! Yes, there was lots of discussion about that issue – the video does make us look very male dominated. We do in fact have great female staff and we’ll make sure we highlight them and their work in other videos. Thanks for the feedback!

  • Amy says:

    Good video. A little instrumental music in the background may be a good connection between the beautiful photos & the spoken word. Just a thought..

  • Bob Kuhnert says:

    Good job. We are fortunate to have a hometown professional environmental organization with such a qualified staff, and actions taken.
    Thank you SJCA

  • jai cross says:

    I have been an ardent supporter of SJCA for several years now. I applaud your work to protect our majestic, yet vulnerable, natural environment and resources. The video is a good introduction to these many-pronged efforts. Kudos!

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