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SJCA believes that responsible management of our public lands protects our communities’ heritage, supports healthy wildlife and their habitat, sustains a strong and self-reliant economy, and preserves our quality of life for generations to come.

To help our members and our community better understand where our candidates for US Congress stand on public lands issues, we’ve compiled a list of our top 10 questions you should ask your candidates.

Tag your candidates on social media and ask them: What’s your plan on public lands?

1. How do you think public lands in Colorado should be managed?
2. What is the greatest value provided by America’s public lands?
3. Discuss your views on the establishment of additional protected wilderness in Colorado.
4. Colorado has a number of Wilderness Study Areas awaiting congressional designation. How do you envision your role in the future management of these public lands?
5. Discuss your views on the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).
6. Discuss whether and how the Environmental Protection Agency should regulate pollution, chemical pesticides, and fertilizers near wetlands and waterways.
7. What is your position on the Bureau of Land Management’s noncompetitive leasing process for public lands?
8. Do you have a plan to ensure that Colorado becomes the forefront of renewable energy production? How do you plan to work collaboratively with communities whose livelihood is closely tied to nonrenewable energy extraction?
9. Do you believe that taxpayers should be responsible for the cost of idle or orphan well clean up? Please discuss why or why not.
10. How do you see management of our public lands keeping up with the increasing demands of recreation and visitation?

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