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2023 was a great year for local climate and energy wins! 

La Plata County adopted the strictest community protections from oil and gas on the Western Slope. While La Plata County originally contemplated a hard oil and gas setback of 0ft, thanks to many of our persistent advocates and members like you, we were able to persuade La Plata County to adopt a hard setback of 400ft. With your help, we enacted safeguards for all current and future La Plata County residents. 

LPEA members elected David Luschen to the LPEA Board in District 4. LPEA had a vacant board seat open in District 2 this year and, through the help of members, we elected a board member who understands the value of a sustainable energy supply. This increased the number of board members who support LPEA’s pursuit of renewable and affordable energy through exiting our contract with Tri-State.  

The City of Durango follows through with its Energy Performance Contract. After our members avid support at City Council meetings, Durango committed the final necessary funds needed to complete its Energy Performance Contract (EPC), which highlights the city’s energy inefficiencies and how we can improve them. Additionally, Durango took steps to start implementing the EPC’s findings, saving the city money and GHG emissions. 

So what’s on the horizon for 2024? 

LPEA’s Tri-State Exit: On November 10th, 2023 LPEA filed a lawsuit against Tri-State. Currently, LPEA is forced by contract to buy 95% of its power from Tri-State, an expensive and greenhouse gas intensive generation and transmission association. LPEA’s lawsuit contends that Tri-State violated their contract by refusing to provide equitable terms and conditions for LPEA to withdraw. This lawsuit is a major step towards securing affordable and renewable energy for LPEA’s territory and will need the support of our members in the coming year!  

Colorado Energy and Carbon Commission Rulemakings: Did you know, in 2023, the Colorado legislature expanded the agency, formerly known as the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, authority to include a broader regulatory spectrum of energy such as hydrogen, geothermal, and carbon capture, storage, and utilization? The agency, now called the Colorado Energy and Carbon Commission, will be making a wide range of regulatory decisions in 2024 directly affecting our state’s GHG emissions. We will need our members to ensure this new agency moves us forward in our fight against climate change rather than continuing the life of fossil fuels. 

Community Participation, Education, and Engagement: San Juan Citizens Alliance’s roots stem from our member’s guiding our advocacy, participation, and understanding of local issues. In 2024, we are looking forward to hosting more community-oriented meetings and engagement opportunities. Whether it’s your first time at a SJCA event or you’re a local energy expert, we’re excited to see more of you and learn how we can best amplify our advocacy. 

This holiday season, please consider donating to us at the Alliance and help us continue our work advocating for a just and equitable energy transition in the Four Corners. Any amount counts – your support helps immensely!

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