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Welcome to the Alliance’s new website, our completely overhauled home on the web designed to help folks stay abreast of Alliance campaigns and take action when public participation is needed.

With all the bells and whistles of a 21st century website, two parts of the site are especially exciting:

  1. Action Center: The Action Center is the spot for, well… action. When politicians or agencies need to hear your voice, the Action Center will help grease the skids for that process. Here you will find background information, sample comment content, and submittal forms pre-populated with the correct recipient. It will also allow you to easily share actions with your friends via email or social media
  2. What’s New: This is the Alliance Blog, the spot we use to keep members updated on campaign developments in real time.

We’ve also streamlined the process for signing up for the Alliance newsletter and donating. (Please feel free to test the donate page functionality frequently) 🙂

As exciting as all of these changes are, they’re really just a part of a major overhaul of the Alliance’s communication platform.  To make sure we’re getting information to members in a timely and easy-to-access fashion, here are some other changes we’re rolling out:

  • Updated brand look/feel
  • New back-end membership management database that gives us greater advocacy functionality
  • New social media accounts.  Follow us at one or all of the following:

As we roll some of these changes out, we may experience a hiccup or two, so please bare with us. Our goal is to put in place the most powerful tools we can for empowering members to understand and act on issues that affect their quality of life.

Who have we been working to get all of this done?

As with all things Alliance related – your engagement makes our work stronger.  If you have feedback on the site or would like to see additional content or features, please let us know.  Use the Contact Us form on our Connect page or email us directly at


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